Premises Liability

Premises Liability refers to the legal responsibility of a property owner should injuries result from unsafe conditions or poor security on the property. Legal cases on the premises can involve swimming pools, construction sites, unsafe equipment, fires, animal and criminal attacks, negligent security. If you have suffered damages due to unsafe property conditions, contact Alford Law Group for a free consultation so we can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

When a premises liability claim arises, the victim is filed into one of three categories:

  • INVITEE – An invitee is someone who has the landowner’s permission to enter the property. Invitees can include friends, neighbors, and relatives. Property owners typically owe it to their invitees to keep their property safe and secure.
  • LICENSEE – A licensee also has the landowner’s permission to enter their property, but are often visiting for their own purposes—for example, salesmen. Landowners have less of a duty to warn licensees of dangerous conditions, but are expected to do so if they know if the condition or the licensee likely cannot easily discover it.
  • TRESPASSER – A trespasser is a visitor who has not been authorized by the landowner to enter their property. The landowner is not obligated to look out for the safety of the trespasser unless her or she is a child facing foreseeable harm.


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